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NORD ROOFS LTD is the flat roof materials supplier. We offer top quality flat roofing materials based on up-to-date technologies. Great attention is given to modern technologies as well as ecological aspects.



  • Quality flat roof materials
  • Accessories


NORD ROOFS LTD aims to maintain its advantages on the market: professional personnel, big range of goods, wide circle of customers, as well as optimal customer service.


TechnoNicolWe are only one dealer of TechnoNIKOL Corporation in Ireland.



TechnoNIKOL Corporation:

  • World Leader for production of bitumen-based materials by volume
  • More than 20 production lines
  • The most advanced equipment that allows us to achieve any properties of materials needed for the client


Today, TechnoNICOL Corporation has 35 plants in Europe, 180 sales offices in 36 countries of the world, and the 6500-member team of like-minded professionals.


TechnoNICOL offers wide range of products for construction industry: roll roofing materials, polymeric membranes for flat roofing, heat insulation, composite and bituminous roofing tiles, tar paper. Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers as much as possible. Innovative production of roofing materials together with a wide range of products helps you to make the right choice.


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Tomas Simonis